Integrated Software Security with our Specialists

The security solution monitoring system accesses and protects both the information, one stored by the user within the cloud application and the other information which is transferred through the cloud application.
We design and build our software with secured access points that enable you to launch and run your product in a protected cloud environment. While protecting the system from cyber-attacks we ensure the system gives administrator the ability to manage governance and set permissions for accessing your enterprise cloud application.

  • Firewall Configuration

    Multiple stacks means multiple places for malware to attack. From web services to mobile apps it’s just not as easy as simply installing a firewall. A faulty configuration (very often the default settings) makes your system vulnerable to attacks.We study your business, network, application dependencies, perform risk-analysis and tweak the configuration of your firewalls and reduce exposure.

  • Code Review

    A number of studies show that a majority of attacks are a result of insecure coding. We understand that security can take a back seat with high focus on features, functionality and deadlines. We keep our security experts engaged in regular code-reviews to build and deliver highly secure products.Even though our developers follow a secure-coding approach, we run code inspections during development that helps with a lot of vulnerability assessments at early stages of product engineering.