Our Blockchain Consulting Process

  • Ideation

    We discuss the feasibility of your blockchain project with our technical team and define the business goals and workflow for your system.

  • Assessment

    We analyze your existing solution and discover if it can be migrated to blockchain or not. Our team assesses the business procedures and identifies where blockchain can be applied to your use case.

  • Technical Component Definition

    Our Blockchain Consulting Team identifies the right blockchain platform for your business based on the business requirements and the type of blockchain.

  • PoC

    We create a framework and prototype to identify the use cases for the business with minimum viable features in 4 weeks. The demo can be used for the viability of a real solution.

  • Integration

    Our Blockchain Consultants can help clients identify if the new technology can be integrated into their business operations and environment.

  • Development

    Once you understand blockchain technology and are ready to get started with the development, we help you build the product, from UI/UX to full front-end and back-end implementation.